Product designer


The Problem

Our current uploader has a crazy complicated flow with tons of conditions and states, so I decided to redesign it.

  • This uploader is used for a custom order, which means there is no online proof so the user is just passing off assets for the designer or CSR to use.
  • There is currently a limit on how many files a customer can upload.
  • We currently limit uploads to images only
  • Due to the way that files are processed post-upload, the user needs to designate what the intended purpose of the file is (photo, logo, etc).

My Approach

In addition to redesigning the interface, I decided to change the functionality and requirements. After some investigation, it appeared that there was no reason for the 5 file limit, so I removed the cap. The other limitation that seemed odd to me was limiting what file types could be uploaded. In particular, that files other than images were not accepted. It turns out that when the processing system was designed, only images were accounted for in the flow. Subsequently, there would be a lot of dev and process work involved in removing this limitation, so it needed to be left in place.

Below are my two proposed solutions. The first has fewer steps, but the intended action is less clear. The second has more steps, but also has a stronger CTA and more focus.